Red Horse Ranch will host special events directed by individuals outstanding in their fields. Events include Group and Class activities ranging from RoadSide Scavenger Hunts, Southwest Art excursions and Primitive Skills experiences.

EventBrief DescriptionInstructor----- Date -----FeeClass-Group Size
RHR WalkAboutExplore the Geology of Red Horse with Palentologoist, Bill Parker
  • Bill Parker Profile
  • Bill ParkerSeptember, 2007 TBAMaximum 10
    RHR RoadSide Scavenger HuntFind valuable "lost and misplaced" items
  • Adopt A Highway
  • Group EventOctober 2009 Volunteer EventNo Maximum
    Memorial Day 2009Concho Arizona Memorial Day Parade
  • Concho Memorial Day
  • May 2009NANA
    Muddin'- Ridin' 2005RHR Muddin'-Ridin'
  • Muddin'-Ridin Photo Album'
  • April, 2005NANA
    Muddin'- Ridin' 2007RHR Muddin'-Ridin'
  • Muddin'-Ridin Photo Album'
  • May, 2007NANA
    Southwest Art ExperiencePainting in the Southwest High DesertProposed EventTBATBAMaximum 10
    Southwest Art ExperienceSketching in the Southwest High DesertProposed EventTBATBAMaximum 10
    American Indian Trading PostSouthwest tribes gather, offering their wares for sale or trade.Proposed EventTBATBANot applicable
    Primitve SkillsArtisans gather to demonstrate primitve skills and sell their wares.Proposed EventTBATBANot applicable
    Horse ClinicGround WorkProposed EventTBATBAMaximum 10

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