Red Horse Ranch will host a variety of workshop/seminars with instructors that are outstanding in their individual field. Workshop/seminars range in their duration from one day educational seminars to week long workshops. Workshops and seminars will be presented in these subject areas: Alternative Building, American Indian Arts and Crafts, Archeology, Art, Creative Processes, High Desert, Geology, and Primitive Skills.

ClassBrief DescriptionInstructor----- Date -----FeeClass Size
Straw Bale ConstructionRaising Walls
  • Raising Walls
  • TBATBAMaximum 10
    Straw Bale ConstructionEarth Plaster
  • Earthen Plaster
  • Spring, 2010TBAMaximum 10
    Straw Bale ConstructionEarthen FloorsFuture Project. Details to be determinedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Ancient Pottery TechniquesForm primitive pottery from the earth and fire it in a an outdoor pit.To be announcedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Basket MakingMake a primitive grass basket.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Bows and ArrowsFlintknapping, Arrow making and Bow making.Future workshop. Details to be determinedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Watercolor in the High DesertOutdoor watercolor sessions.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Sketching in the High DesertOutdoor drawing sessions.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Exploring PetroglyphsExamine the petroglyphs at Red Horse Ranch and nearby vicinity.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Animal TrackingReading the signs of those that walk among us.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Desert SurvivalLearn and practice simple basic desert survival techniques.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 10
    Ranching TechniquesLearn and practice basic ranch hand skills, fencing, tending livestock and more.ProposedTBATBAMaximum 5

    If you are interested in any of the proposed courses or have a suggestion for additional courses Talk To Us we would be interested in your contributions.

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