The Southwest is a vast arid expanse of unusual land offering visitors an unparalled variety of diverse experiences. The land can be harsh and unforgiving with blistering summer temperatures, violent summer thunderstorms, gale force winds and bitter cold winters. Yet the Southwest high desert country also offers visitors a dramatic escape from twenty-first century lifestyles. With 130,000 square miles of intricately carved canyons, colorful mesas and forested plateaus visitors may indulge themselves in the quiet beauty and solitude of awe-inspiring views or through a spiritual adventure among numerous ancient ruins.

Red Horse Ranch is located in the high desert on the south-western border of the Four Corners region. The Four corners, generally defined as the adjacent portions of the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, is situated on the Colorado Plateau. Where scenery is like art, the Colorado Plateau is a constantly shifting land with elevations averaging over 5,000 feet above sea level making it the highest plateau in North America.

Visitors to Red Horse Ranch will discover they can venture in any direction from the ranch to find memoriable experiences.

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