American Indian Reservations

Visiting Indian Reservations can be a unique and rewarding experience. Daily life styles and cultural differences can be enlightening for most visitors. Indian Reservations, as soverign countries within the borders of the United States, maintain their own cultural and tribal regulations. Foreign visitors are likely to exposed to cultural customs and taboos that may vary dramatically from the culture they emerged from. Respect and honor for cultural rules as well as tribal regulations is absolutely essential during reservation visits. All reservations do not have the same cultural beliefs and regulations, therefore contacting individual reservations to obtain their visiting guidelines is the wisest idea. If a visitor is unable to obtain information on tribal customs and regulations, it would always be best to error on conservative side.

To Avoid any misunderstanding or violations of American Indian customs, the following suggestions should prove helpful:


On feast days, enter a home as you would any other - BY INVITATION ONLY. It is courteous to accept an invitation to eat, but do not linger at the table, as your host will probably want to serve amny guests throughout the day. Thank your host, but a payment or tip is not appropriate.


Permits, fees and restrictions vary among reservations. It is important to contact each reservation regarding its policies. DO NOT attempt to take photos or make recordings or sketches if not allowed.

ReservationLocationDistanceDescriptionDetail Information
Zuni PuebloNM, Zuni50 MilesThe Zuni Pueblo occupies the site of Halona, one of six historic Zuni pueblos in existence when the Spanish entered New mexico in 1539. The pueblo incorporates adobe house blocks, modern sandstone dwellings, plazas, hornos (outdoor ovens), traditional "waffle gardens," named for their unique irrigation system; and corrals. The Zuni Pueblo is of the largest "living" pueblos in the United States. 

Call prior to visiting the reservations for changes and updates on events. Resrvations may close unexpectedly for funerals and ceremonial activities.

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